Joe Britton in PAA Africa Orient Uniform Media

A Life Commemorated - in Detail

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Recently John C. Britton and his sister Jean C. Britton Glenn, the children of Pan American pilot Joe Britton provided a biography of their late father, filled with photos and a recap of Joe's work with Pan Am. The details they shared are compelling.

Joe Britton had a remarkable and noteworthy career that spanned almost all of Pan Am’s pioneering over routes far and wide for almost two decades, through peace and war and back again. He passed away at a time when his children were still young, and could have kept flying into the Jet Age if fate hadn’t suddenly intervened.  He left behind his log books, some photos, and a legacy.

That history impelled his son John to embark on a remarkable project as a way of remembering and honoring his father, by recreating in model form as many of the numerous aircraft Joe flew as possible. John meticulously provides every model he creates with a registration number of an aircraft his dad actually flew.

A great tribute:

You can view some of John’s models closeup in this slideshow. John shared that he still has a few other aircraft to add to his model fleet:  Sikorsky S-38 amphibian,  May 13, 1938 / Sikorsky S-40 flying boat,  November 13, 1938 / Consolidated Commodore flying boat,  October 16, 1936 / Lockheed Constellation L-049,  February 27, 1946 / Lockheed Constellation L-749,  October 10, 1947 / Army C-87 (B-24 Freighter),  November 15, 1943. 

Pan Am Boeing 307
Boeing 377 Stratocruiser View 1
Boeing 377 Stratocruiser View 2
Douglas DC-2 View 1
Douglas DC-2 View 2
Ford Tri-motor View 1
Ford Tri-motor View 2
Douglas DC-3 View 1
Douglas DC-3 View 2
Douglas DC-4 View 2
Martin M-130 View 1
Martin M-130 View 2
Sikorsky S-42 View 1
Sikorsky S-42 View 2
Sikorsky S-43 Baby Clipper View 1
Sikorsky S-43 Baby Clipper View 2
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